How Can I Avoid Foreclosure?

In the current financial climate, many homeowners in Southern California find themselves trying to avoid foreclosure. Like any sell my house fast situation, this can happen for a number of reasons. However, it’s important to remember that you can come out ahead when you face the wrong side of foreclosure.

At Cash 4 Real Estate Now, we buy houses no matter what the circumstances are. We work with many people who ask, “Can I sell my house fast to avoid foreclosure?”

The simple answer is YES! Our team can help you sell your house fast. We buy houses in any condition, with no commitment and no fees!

“List My House For Sale”

  • Have 4-6 months? A listing may put more in your pocket
  • Save your credit from the wreckage of a foreclosure
  • See if your situation qualifies

“Get A Fair Cash Offer Today”

  • Let us know about your situation and your house
  • We’ll evaluate it quickly (usually within 48 hours)
  • You’ll receive a fair win-win all cash offer

What Happens in a Foreclosure?

A foreclosure happens on a property when the homeowner doesn’t pay the mortgage. Any number of “sell my house fast” situations can lead to this. However, regardless of how you find yourself facing foreclosure, you risk losing your rights to the property. This means that when you can’t pay your debt, you can’t sell the home.

Luckily, we buy houses on your timeline. Sometimes, we can close deals in as little as 7 days. When you need to avoid foreclosure, you need to act on your time. A real estate agent might take months to sell your property.

Can I Sell My House Fast Before a Foreclosure?

Our clients often as us, “Can I sell my house before foreclosure?” Of course you can! It’s crucial to remember that a foreclosure includes two processes.

  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Actual foreclosure

In pre-foreclosure, your bank begins the process, usually because someone is over 90 days late on mortgage payments. Legally, you still own the property at this time. Moreover, your lender must provide written notice that you defaulted on payments.

Foreclosure, on the other hand, means that your lender has taken the property back. After this, you cannot legally sell your property. However, up to this point, you can sell your house.

In fact, you can sell your house right up to when it is sold at auction or the bank takes possession of it. However, once they foreclose, you no longer own the home. That’s why it’s important to act fast and avoid foreclosure.

Sell Your House Fast in Pre-Foreclosure

When you receive a Notice of Default from your lender, you have time to figure out a way to bring yourself current on missed payments and associated fees. If you can’t, you might be in a “sell my house fast” situation. Selling your house in pre-foreclosure might be your best option.

It’s best to avoid foreclosure at any cost because it can do a lot of damage to your credit score. When your credit score takes a hit like that, it can make your life very difficult. When you want to sell your house fast to avoid foreclosure, contact our team! Our process is short and sweet!

  1. Tell us about your property.
  2. If we like it, we make an offer.
  3. We close when you decide.